Last week as we embarked on this journey into the celebration of all that makes my people great, I reposted the image below regarding the lead poising, water crisis happening in Flint, Michigan to my Facebook wall. I’d seen many post being shared about the crisis, most of them advertising water donations from certain organizations/celebs- NOT SHARING, others comparing the significance of the situation to the #OscarsSoWhite and the Stacey Dash commentary- ALSO NOT SHARING. Then I came across the post below, and I decided here was something worth sharing.


I think I picked a good post to share because it obviously made someone feel strongly enough to provide this response in the image below,



Yes indeed it is STILL Black History Month and with the palpable sense of ignorance that seems to be infecting individuals like plague, I must do my part to contribute to the cure or else, my people will not survive. Needless to say, this person and I are no longer friends on FB or any where else for that matter. **SIGH**

And here are 4 reasons why we can no longer be friends.

Reason number one

You did NOT have to provide any comment on the post at all. If you don’t have something nice or at least smart to say, go away.

Reason number two

This is the response you settled on once you decided that it was your duty to respond to my post. Unacceptable.

Reason number three

The response lacks intelligence and shows blatant ignorance of the system and the widely publicized and publicly available research that totally debunks the colorblind theory.

Reason number four

This was not our first run around this subject and quite frankly I’m done with these flagrant responses that you seem to feel entitled to deliver as if you’re educating people on something you obviously know nothing, nothing at all, about.

Is it obvious that I feel some type of way? Should I not?

The black struggle is so real, but some would have you believe it’s just a figment of your imagination, just ask Kiara. She offers an enlightening perspective of the black experience at KiKi Speaks Her Mind.

How do you feel about the response? Let me know in the comments.

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