The incidence of what happened to Amy in the restroom of her high school hit so close to home. Such an unfortunate event that is causing so much pain for her parents, her family, and her peers. I had a flash back and I remember a time in my life when I could have been Amy. Amy could have been me.

It’s was second semester of 8th grade. It’s crazy in retrospect but there were three (or more) groups of girls threatening to jump me. Of course it’s always always over some boy whether you’re involved with the guy or not.

It was a very stressful time for a child in 8th grade, particularly one of my caliber. I was second in my class, adored by my teachers, 2nd runner-up for school title (via a botched election), attractive, and happy. I was excited about going to high school. Our class was the second class to not be 8th grade high schoolers. Yes, 8th grade used to be high school for our small town.

In several attempts to make good on their threats, I was often followed to my classes my random girls that I most times didn’t know. I had teachers intervene on my behalf and even the school nurse on occasion would escort me to class to make sure I was safe. Even my bestie vowed that if they were gonna jump me, they would have to jump her, too. So we both got stalked and spent a chunk of 8th grade in ISS with about nine others, including two of our friends that had no involvement at all. Wrong place, wrong time.

One day in particular, I was alone; no teachers, no bestie, noone to protect me. I saw six girls from one of those little cliques aggressively approaching after what I think may have been a pep-rally or what we called a record hop. I can’t really recall. I ran; out of the door with my things to the bus, which those girls did not ride so the driver would not allow them on. They asked me to come out. I flipped them off through the window as I sat comfortably alone at the very back of the bus waiting for dismissal of the remaining students. A couple of buses down the exact scenario was playing out with another girl I knew. The only difference is she wanted to prove she wasn’t scared so she came off the bus. She got beat pretty bad and the rumor the next day was, “She got her ass whipped.” The rumor about me was that, “She ran because she was scared she was gonna get her ass whip.”

I don’t know about anyone else but it looked like a lose, lose to me where the rumor was concerned anyway. At least in the latter loss, I was still safe, my face was still pretty, and above all else I am alive. I wasn’t scared, I was smart. The whole time I was thinking these girls are stupid if they think I’m about to exit this bus to face six girls alone in a fight over something so ridiculous as a boy. STUPID!

I can tell you, that in the case of many of those girls, ain’t much changed. Not even they’re last name. No shade 😅.

When I read about what happened to Amy, it all just came rushing back; the ridiculousness, and ignorance of it all. These people that do these things, planning to jump others and such, are super relentless in their pursuit to hate you and make you pay for something you probably didn’t do. It’s so reflective of the society we live in it’s  disheartening. Needless to say, they kept trying and I kept running until eventually I transferred schools and then left the state altogether. T

hey even tried to come to my house but Dianne was not about to let that go down. But why though. Why is it that serious?

Why is it worth someone’s life? It’s not.