Life can be quite chaotic, and in the midst of the discord, things get lost, broken, misplaced, and disorganized. It happens to the best of us, but what does this mean when it becomes a common occurrence in your daily life. I know one thing that starts to happen; you start to lose a lot of time and money. Outside of that, this may be your usual, but it is certainly not normal.

It’s time to stop and evaluate what needs to be done to regain control in your life.

If there is one thing that growing up between the hustle and bustle of slicker city Miami and the slow southern drawl of Mississippi has taught me, it’s that balance is key. Surprisingly, so many of us believe “the rush” is the way it’s suppose to be, and if that person is you, here are 9 signs you NEED to get organized and live in the moment.

  1. Losing, dropping, or breaking your phone
    • Let’s just face it, constantly having to replace your phone is not fun. It cost a lot of money, and regardless of whether you “always” do it, does not make it normal.
  2.  Leaving things behind
    • “Oh, I left it in the car.” “Dang it! I left it at home,” Or the worst of all, on the counter or in the cart at the store. Yes, I have done this, not recently though.
  3.  Wadded up receipts and money
    • Everybody standing in line, waiting on you to get your stuff together as you dig through your belongings uncovering each bill, having to unroll each one making it presentable for the cashier. I don’t usually carry cash but I must confess, I am a money wadder and stuffer and tucker. From experience, I can tell you this is a great way to lose money.
  4.  Misplacing money, keys, important documents, credit and discount cards
    • Not lost or stolen just misplaced. You thought you placed them here but they’re actually someplace else you put them but cannot recall right now. How convenient, am I right? Especially the lost keys which can occasionally lead to my next point.
  5.  Constantly running late or rescheduling appointments
    • Long story short, this gives off an ugly appearance of a lack of professionalism particular where clients are involved. It might even cost you twenty five bucks if you’re not canceling in a timely manner for professional appointments including doctors, dentist, and other professional consultations.
  6. Folded and wrinkled pages, and bent corners of important papers
    • Very, very unprofessional and highly revealing of disorganization and just overall messiness.
  7.  Multiple lists in multiple places; rewriting the same list over and over again
    • “Oh I’m organized, I keep a list. “ but where is the list . . .?
    • You lost the list, again. Now you can’t remember everything on the list to rewrite it completely. You go to the store and fail to purchase some items you needed and now you have to go back. Cost: increased stress levels, time lost. Not a good look at all.
  8. Constantly having to rework your plan.
    • Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing skill to have, but it goes into “if you don’t have time to get it right the first time, I hope you’ll have time to do it again”.
    • Get it right the first time!
  9. Butt dialing after you thought you locked or hung up your phone; same with sending emails to the wrong people.
    • Pay closer attention to what you are doing, follow through, follow through, follow through.
5 Ways to Improve Organization and Live in the Moment

tabsDevelop a system . Write out your action plan and list in a single composition or spiral bound notebook; add some sticky tabs to keep things organized. Post it durable tabs are the stickiest; they don’t budge. I use these Avery tabs because they’re good for a variety of uses and there are more in the count.

Be deliberate in your actions by taking your time and moving more slowly.

Because, because, because, because– I learned about this little technique from the author Frances Cole Jones in her book How to Wow. Best advice ever. So basically it says that people are more likely to follow through on what you’re asking them to do when you tell them why. I actually tried this technique with some of my friends, and a former significant other. I discovered that this simple technique even works on me when I tell myself why I am doing something.

Talk it out, Tell yourself what you are doing and why. Let me let you in on a little secret, all of the most amazing , creative and not to mention well organized individuals talk to themselves pretty consistently. This has been my personal experience anyway. But, if talking to yourself makes you uncomfortable, talk to your recorder instead. That little device remembers everything.

Take your time. Last but not least, Rihanna said it best, “Tomorrow way too far away/ And we can’t get back yesterday/ But we young right now/ We got right now/ So get up right now/ Cause all we got is Right Now”. Moral of the song, Live in the moment, gooooooo sloooooow. This may just be the most important of them all.

When it comes to organization, my life is a constant work in progress. I haven’t quite mastered it, yet, which is why I wrote this post. It’s more of a personal reminder. Ha,ha!

What would be your contribution to the signs of discord and disorganization in your life?

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