Makes magic!

Today is Friday, September 9, 2016. It is a quadruple 9 date for every soul, however, for all who are having a personal year 9, we get an extra 9. This calls for a divine and special day in a universal year of completion and celebration. I wrote about my Personal Year Number earlier this year. If you missed it, be sure to check it out to find out how to calculate your current personal year number.

The number nine represents culmination, a time when things come to an end as we prepare for a new cycle and thus a new beginning, essentially, in 2017. With the presidential elections upon us, I believe we can agree that 2017 will be a new beginning for all. Yes indeed, many, many things have ended for me this year: relationships, jobs, career paths, friendships, old habits, and trust that the universe is not done yet. While some of these endings have been of my own will others are just things that have met their time in my life, lessons learned, wisdom gained, and now it is time to part ways.

I have felt the energy of this day building and building since before the month began. As I’ve glance at my phone, which is set to military time, all I see is double digits: 16:16, 11:11, 13:13, 22:22, 12:12. I feel the angels conspiring in my favor and I am grateful. Completion and thus change is not always easy and this particular journey has been such the case. Even so, I am excited and I welcome it with arms open wide. I am certain it is what I have been asking for over the last three years. I am beyond ready.

As I mentioned earlier, this day is particularly special for those of us in a personal 9 year. I’m no numerology expert, so I was quite curious as to what exactly that might mean for me. I came across a website and it did an exquisite job of explaining this magical period of transition. You can visit the link here at, discover what this means for you, and ways to make the journey into your  cycle a bit smoother. 

Just think, your soul, your angels, your guide’s have been working overtime to get you to this great place in your life. Although, it may not seem so great. I happened to have an astrology report done recently to see if I could get a little more insight to what’s in store for my upcoming cycle. And according to said report, which was from a different website, I am definitely in a period of transition that is leading me to Love and Abundance. Yes, I deserve this and yes, I am ready to receive it. I am filled with fervor as my new cycle approaches. The sun is rising just beyond the horizon, and man is it beautiful. 

Thank you.

This post is not complete but I wanted to make sure to get it published before the day passed. So I will be editing it for aesthetics.