I haven’t been doing much posting on my blog lately. Honestly, I’ve been going through this period of growth where I haven’t been doing much writing or talking for that matter. However, I’ve been doing a lot of listening; being still, listening, experiencing, and not reacting. I am very appreciative of this period and thankful that I live my life in such a way that I feel at peace with simply being and not doing.

Yesterday, I came across the quote below:

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I was very surprised at the person that came to mind. I was totally not expecting that one but I accepted it as my truth. My first instinct was to deny it. “No, that can’t be the best person in my life. . .what!?” I thought in confusion. Instead though, I decided to explore what I innately conceived as my best which can sometimes be not so easy when you live in a world that is constantly instructing you on how to measure “your best”; which made me think of this quote below:

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Were you surprised by the first person that came to mind? Well, whether you were or weren’t, the person that comes to mind tells a lot about how you measure your best internally. It tells what is happening that brings about your best. If you’re thinking, “Huh!?”, allow me to explain.

What role does the person you thought of play in your life? Was it a parent, a sibling, a spouse, a friend, a former interest. . .It could be anyone that played a major role in your personal growth no matter how brief the period may have been or how long ago it occurred. Chances are the experiences you have had with that person are still contributing to your growth, now.

Depending on the person you thought of, your best might be defined in one of three ways: giving, receiving, or creating.  Your personal best may be defined in the opportunity to give of yourself to others in terms of love, encouragement, support, and care. Your best might be in what you receive from others in terms of the same criteria.  Finally your best might be in the creation of art or ideals that elicit love, encouragement, support, and care in others. Usually the first two, giving and receiving, encourages creativity. Through your personal best, you become inspired to create.  Some individuals exist in a space of pure creativity requiring no “give/receive” inspiration at all. They find creativity in being.  Sometimes those who receive become inspired to give and vice versus.

How do you know which is which? By defining your relationship to the person that came to mind. Was it a relationship in which you gave of yourself, usually a child or partner, (former) spouse or love interest can also be in this category? Was it one in which others gave to you usually parent(s), family, mentor, teacher, etc.? If the person that came to mind is a person whom ideals you admire or share this may be indicative of creativity.

It is a circle of trinity and it all comes back to each of us requiring the other to be at our best.

At my best, I am a giver. I am most fulfilled when I am giving of myself to others. Although I already knew this, reading that quote and thinking of the person that came to mind only confirmed this further.

What does the person you thought of tell you about your best? Are you a giver, receiver, or a creator? Remember, you can certainly be all three, one is just more dominate.

Always do your best and if you are ever confused about what that might be remember your “best person” and think of what they elicit in you: a desire to give, receive, or create.

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