The best phrase to describe February 2016’s Black History Month is Epically Heavy. The torch has been lit and so has the month of February and I will not allow this flame to go out just because Black History Month is coming to an end. I’ve participated more this year than I have at any other time in my adult life and I feel there was certainly a Universal energy surrounding it. Change is definitely upon us and my only request is that we continue to push forward.

We could witness the wake as it moved through the entertainment industry in Beyonce’s epic release of “Formation” and her Super Bowl half-time performance, Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy 2016 performance, and Chris Rock representing at the Oscars.

And of course representing my home state of Mississippi, David Banner and #theGodBox lecture series has been getting so much love. It recently sold out in Birmingham and he will be back to Mississippi on March 8th. If you’d like to learn more about #theGodBox lecture series you can follow David Banner on Instagram and Twitter. I’ve loved David Banner since is rough days. Although he spoke from a place of anger, he spoke so much truth. “Cadillac on 22’s” will always be a favorite of mine.

Now THIS!!!! This awesome song/video by artist SilaS. I am very proud to say that I know this man and he stands for our people. If you have not seen the “Gullah, Gullah Island” video, you are missing out BIG. . .no HUGE! If any piece of entertainment has ever been worthy of your time, it’s definitely this one video right here.

Finally, this has been extremely eventful and quite stressful (understatement of the year) month for me. Some mixture of anger, hope, faith, and self reflection is stirring in my soul to the point where things didn’t really go as I had planned for them to go this month. Some things I can attribute the lack of dependability in the relationships I have in my life and other things (most of the other things) I attribute to just needing a mental break from everything. EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.

My line sister was married to her long time boyfriend on February 20th. An event that I was not going to miss regardless of the chaos going on in my life. So I took this excruciatingly long road trip from Houston, through Mississippi, and on to Atlanta. A road trip that really has me contemplating life. See, I told you, heavy. It had this awesome interview with my tattoo artist earlier this month. Imagine how bombed I was to discover my camera only recorded two and a half minutes of it. Ugh! I was super, beyond, over disgusted, and I’m still not really over it.

On the 12th and 13th I had the honor of attending the State of Black Lives Convening put on by Freedom Bound here in Houston where I had the pleasure of meeting some awesome and local influential people as well as hearing the honorable, historical Elaine Brown of the Black Panther’s speak. We discussed several issues that we face in the black community from transgender race relations, domestic abuse, faith in the black community, college students and professionals involvement in the movement, employment, and police brutality. Yes, we discussed the some very heavy issues, and trust that you could feel the tension as we attempted to propose solutions to those issue. The frustration is real.

But anyway. . .It wasn’t easy writing this mostly because of the psychological blockage that I’m experiencing at the moment which is causing writer’s block as well and a whole lot of other physical blockage (TMI I’m sure, LOL). I hope that it will pass soon. Well at least something good gets to come out of it which is this nice little video I put together to recap every thing. . .well at least most of it. Enjoy.

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