Today class, we are going to talk about an age old idiomatic expression commonly used by the pre-Millennial generation, “Don’t burn your bridges.”

I remember this from a time my mom was employed. She was so upset. She came home and told me about how a meeting she’d had that day had gone. Needless to say, it didn’t go well. My mother was so furious, I recall her crying as she told the story. 

She was working as a nurse and reported an incidence of discrimination involving her direct supervisor  (who was black) and the floor’s director (who was white). I still remember this lady’s name and had a mind to cuss her out once while visiting my mother at work. This is how much my mother’s pain resonated with me.

So there was a meeting about the reported incidence and during the meeting my mother’s supervisor urged her not to burn her bridges. “What bridges?” my mother had replied. Ultimately her report was unfounded and nothing was done about it. Eventually, she left that job. Inevitably. 

Being an adult now, having gone through similar situations where bigot bosses use another appointed,  spineless black persons to do their dirty work, to act as buffers for their discriminatory behavior. Trust that they are well versed in what they can and can’t get away with and know exactly how to do it.

So when people talk to me about burning bridges, I cringe and roll my eyes into nonexistence. In which they follow with a “let me explain”.

I’m not concerned with burning bridges where a bridge is intact to begin with. That’s just not what I do. So if you think I’ve burned a bridge, I can guarantee you it was never a bridge in the first place. We live in the age of technology; it was a mirage. I promise it was not a real bridge. Secondly, if I burned that b!tch down, please believe I never intend to ever have the desire to use it or even ask the person to “send a boat.” Blame my Capricorn pride, which is why I am so careful to not burn my TRUE bridges. People use positions of power and popularity to control and manipulate others. I’m not the one. And hopefully, you won’t be either. I am not easily bought or sold.😉

Finally, who needs a bridge. Sometimes, you’re not ready to cross yet. Sometimes people might prefer to just row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Too many people trying to cross bridges with no clue to where they lead anyway. Too many people traveling in the same direction, crossing the same ole kinds of bridges. The bridge is congested! Sometimes, you may even want to just swim across. Sometimes, the bridge was meant to be burn down so it leads you to cross greater bridges. As in the case of my mother, we moved and she got a better position that paid her more money and treated her much better. No, it wasn’t easier. Sometimes, there is no crossing a bridge. There is only building one and thus being ONE!

Have a great life.