What is your definition of a goal? YOURS, not theirs. We are all defined differently; our values, passion, purpose and the things that are important to us. Some of us are inclusively motivated and others are exclusively motivated. You’d think with quotes like “if it’s for everyone, I don’t want it,” that one is better than the other but in reality, they are just separate paths to the same goal which is “Your personally developed definition of SUCCESS.”

I am definitely and inclusively motivated person. I want to achieve great success in my personal life and my career. One of my single most inspiring questions is

“How many people coming with me?”

And notice that I did not say drag with me, push with me, or pull with me. No, either you coming or you staying where you are. . .the end. So again I ask, what is your definition of a goal? If you Goggle it, you’ll probably come across a bunch of S.M.A.R.T. info graphics and such. Now while a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based goal sounds good in theory and make a pretty good acronym because goals should indeed be smart, these don’t apply to every goal. As a habitual goal setter and goal getter, large and small, I can vouch for that any day. In retrospect of the things that I have accomplished, none of them would have seemed attainable at the time that I set them. In fact, they seemed so impossible that I was afraid to even write them down. Attainability is a scary word. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that does, is that you continue to work towards attaining your goals.

Defined ambition directed towards a desired result is a pretty accurate definition of a goal for me because it contains three word: ambition, desire, results. To me, this means having the ambition to go after the results you desire which let’s just face it, you won’t succeed if your heart’s not in it. So while money may be an easy goal for some of us, for others of us, no matter how talented we are, money won’t be easy to come by because our heart is just not in it for the money. We must find other means of motivation for achieving monetary goals.

By my definition, goals are intentions; intentions that are not always conscious contrary to popular believe. It is important that goals be derived from your values and personal beliefs. The best goals are living goals; they can be modified, they can grow, evolve, adjust, and adapt. More often than not we are passionate about our values, and we should also be passionate about our goals.

Goals & Growth

It is a good idea to set goals you will be truly passionate about achieving. Below is a list of values. Choose twenty from the list. From your list of 20 choose 10; from your list of 10 choose five. What does your top five values look like? Without reviewing my previous choices, I like to do this exercise every 6 months to a year, depending on how things are moving along in my life. It gives me an idea of how I’ve grown, and how I may have change, if at all. Goals and growth are directly correlated.


I obtained this list from My Journey with Depression blog which features an awesome and detailed post about Identifying Your Values that I personally recommend reading. I enjoy reading his blog because it teaches me that life presents a different struggle for us all and it is important that it should be you who defines yourself accordingly; values and goals included.

Goals that are deliberately defined provide guidance to achieving what it is you desire for your life. Your goal may be to become a home owner in order to gain space and stability for your family because apartments can be quite cramped,  and they aren’t usually permanent homes. You may want to become a home owner in order to acquire or build wealth. When you look at it this way, you realize there are numerous ways to achieving the things you desire in your life and thus your goals become adjustable. Perhaps that is what the “A” in S.M.A.R.T. should be, adjustable instead of attainable.

When we set our goals, we don’t always know why. It is a misconception that we should know or that we have to know. I am a strong “inner voice” type. I don’t always know why, in fact I don’t need to know why. The why is not a requirement for me to keep moving forward and pushing through. Goals help me shape my life. They help me to define my purpose when the why is not readily apparent. Goal setting, in my opinion is an essential part of the human experience.

It is my personal belief that our soul has set goals for us to learn certain lessons while we are here. In that same aspect, by setting goals for our lives we automatically embark on a path of enlightenment and growth. Setting goals, regardless of how insignificant they may seem is most ideal for a fulfilling life. Goals are a source of empowerment, especially when you accomplish them and all it takes is one.

Finally, hold yourself accountable. Accountability is so important to accomplishing your goals. It is impossible to accomplish anything let alone a goal, if you make excuses and fail to acknowledge that you are responsible for making things happen. In the words of my grandfather, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

I have created a Goals Workbook to help define and set goals according to your personal values.

Download workbook


What’s your take on goal setting? Hope you find the workbook useful.

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