Do you ever get asked whether you regret a certain experience in your life? Do you ever ask yourself this question? Are you ever surprised by the answer? Does your truth match your actions or are you thrown into a cycle of constant contradiction?

Last night I questioned my sanity all because I was talking to myself. Now don’t get me wrong, it is not unusual for me to talk to myself just not in this way. The conversation was very objective; clear cut. Usually my conversations with myself are subjective: what ifs, decision making, negotiations, arguments, discussions, query, things of that nature. The conversation last night wasn’t really a conversation at all and more like a lecture. Well, I did ask a few questions however the answers were coming to me before I could even completely form the question in my mind to which I would begin writing the answer, and when there was a break in the lecture I would go back and write in the question. Weird, definitely.

It was a goldmine of insightful information and instructions a “how to guide” to mastering your life type of deal. Eventually, I could not keep up through writing, and I grabbed my mobile phone and began recording all the things that were coming out of my mouth. It was coming out more slowly than my usual “thought to words process” as if I was reading a teleprompter inside my head; searching for the best words to use to express the thought. The thoughts did not seem like my own, but the words definitely were my own. As I’m reciting them, I found myself going “OOOooooh”.

I began to understand things that I hadn’t understood before. I became aware of things that I had been totally oblivious to which was like “whoa”. With some feelings that you feel, the only appropriate response is “Whoa”. One thing that lecture did tell me which is something I already felt, is there aren’t enough words to label all of the feelings that we actually feel; they haven’t been invented yet.

There are steps I received from the lecture that I am calling The Abundance Project. Today’s post is an audio post inspired by last night’s lecture which included what I am labeling as Step One: Change the Experience.  I am going to put all of the insight and instructions that I have been given into action and report on the results over the upcoming months. I’m admittedly excited about this project as the lecture was very eye opening. I’m no longer trying to wrap my head around it. I’m accepting it with great gratitude and appreciation. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy this audio post that answers the question, “Do I regret being married?”.