Last week my baby girl brought me some art she’d made in class. She told me that it is the design of the house we’re going to get. I simply replied, I receive that and told her it was such a beautiful design. Then I thanked her and hung the art on my vision board.

I love it when the Universe speaks to my life through my children. I can’t imagine that it could come from a more beautiful place of confirmation.

Home ownership is one goal on my list of 5 goals in 5 years. For the last six months, I have been working very hard to make this long term goal, a shorter term one. I took the very first steps on journey just this past summer. I reached out to a mortgage company to learn what needed to be done to get me on the path to home ownership.

Before beginning this journey, I had so many doubts about my potential to actually own a home. At the time, I was thinking I didn’t make enough money to pay a mortgage, it would take me forever to save for anything towards a down payment, my credit wasn’t good enough, and a long laundry list of other dis-qualifiers that would prevent me from owning a home. As I vented this to close friend of mine, who knew of my faith and the stories of my overcoming victories, he asked was he talking to the same “Victoria” and begin to express how disappointed he was to hear me speak that way.

He had been a home owner himself, and although he acknowledge that things were different, he informed me that none of those were obstacles, and of all the characteristics that made me an ideal candidate for home ownership. He assured me that home ownership was closer than I thought. In the midst of the idea of owning a home, it seems my faith had faltered just a bit, but my own friend’s faith in me truly inspired me to began pursuing this goal.

I reached out to a local mortgage company. Imagine my excitement when they also told me that I was an excellent candidate for a mortgage, about the various grants I qualify for, and what I need to do to get things started. This has been a tough and anxious journey. I am so ready for a backyard. In due time, this victory too shall be mine.

My daughter really loved what I did with her home design.

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