In the words of my granny, “The year is gettin’ on outta here.” This will more than likely be my final post for this year just cause I’m for sure I’ll be occupied with other things. I’ve been occupied with other things this entire time which is why I haven’t been posting much lately. I don’t foresee that changing much as I’m still piecing together all the wonderful things that got added to my life in 2016. Things fell completely apart but that’s ok. I more or less expected it.

I recall telling my friend Bree in December 2015, as I complained about the people at my job and broke things off with my significant other, that 2016 was not going to be a great year. I just felt that, however I see now that that was only one side of it. Twenty sixteen was like a theme park in the middle of summer. You’re hot and tired, feet hurt, back aches from carrying around stuff you thought would make things more convenient but ended up not needing after all, and you’re spending up all your money. At the very same time, you’re totally having a blast because of great friends and the strangers you meet while you’re there, new and fun adventures and rides, and lots and lots of laughter.

Dear 2016,

Thank you so much for introducing me to the fearless me. I enjoyed cussing out my former boss. It made me feel good. I tell that story every chance I get and relive the badass-ness of it ALL. She deserved it. . .they both did. Thank you for my awesome, carefree summer featuring club hopping, salsa dancing, riding in cars with strangers, spontaneous house parties, skinny dipping, lots of Mexican eats, early nights and late morning sleep overs, road trips, stolen glances, deep connections, candy kisses (the chocolate ones), Desiree, tall, dark and lovely country boys, reckless behavior, and mindless mischief. You owe me nothing and I have nothing left to give you.