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Motivational Speaking for at Risk Youth

  • College bound education
  • Pursuing Your Purpose

Beyond Domestic Abuse for Women

  • Self-love & Inner Voice
  • Workforce reentry
  • Empowerment & Goal Achievement

Personal Branding

  • Starting a website/blog
  • Developing relationships via social media

Please contact me to inquire about additional speaking topics. I also provide resources and motivational speaking for ex-offenders, men and women, reentering society.

The WHY. . .

Through losing a parent, leaving domestic abuse behind, becoming a single parent, relocating for a better life, discovering my purpose, and pursuing my dreams, I have had several decisions to make; many of them in the spur of the moment.

My life has been filled with people telling me I should change things about myself, what I can’t do, or asking me do I have a plan. Truth be told, I haven’t always had one, or better yet, I haven’t always been aware of one, and things worked out anyway. These people are usually the ones who have only been in my life briefly and don’t know very much about me at all; my ambition, my persistence, my successes, and the overall patterns of my life.

On the other hand, my life has been filled with other people telling me how much they admire my strength, my character, my intelligence, and my ability to motivate others. They often tell me that this is a gift. It took sometime for me to embrace this because of my own self doubt, however I have decided that they are right. I want to use this gift to inspire and motivate others to love and embrace who they are and learn to follow their inner voice.

My message to anyone in pursuit of their passion, purpose, or dream is “You do NOT need permission.”

~Victoria R. Wray