Can you hear the sound of a thousand emotions rushing through the infinite ink of thought crashing onto clean, crisp paper like the ocean crashes onto the shores of beautiful undisturbed sand? I can.

We are in the last days of National Poetry Month and it has been wonderful indeed. Although I did not write any poems this month, the theme of this month has caused me to reflect on my love of literature as I browsed through some of the works I have written, smiled at the memories, and missed how much I truly love doing this.

This month has inspired me to make some different kinds of moves. I’m always switching up. I’ve been away awhile just cause I’ve even been rethinking this very blog as things continuously evolve in my life. A roller coaster evolution this has been, I promise. I wrote this piece about two years ago. I’ve performed it a couple of times in Mississippi and hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to perform it this summer in Houston. So live!

I’ve gotten so much love from my friends on the piece. I don’t write poetry nearly as often as I did as a teenager. I guess my teenage angst just kind of simmered down. Yet every now and again, I come across something or in  the case of this piece, someone that inspires my lyrical lengua.

I was inspired to record this by my friend and fellow poet, Taboo. You should subscribe to her channel. She’s dope.

I’m going on and on about nothing here. So without further ado. . .I give you “Untitled”.

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