This is Part 2 of a three part post. Be sure to read Part 1, Your Personal Year Number.

Another thing I’ve learned about preparing and setting goals for any new adventure including the new year, is that you must be explicit about expressing your desires unto the Universe. We can sometimes be indecisive about the things we want and more often than not we end up disappointed. You must understand that when it come to the Universe, there is no gray area. It is simply black and white; yin and yang if you will. If you cannot make a clear request, the Universe will decide for you.

Contrary to popular belief, God/the Universe does not show favor. The Universe works more on the terms of “Ask and you shall receive.” And you are asking, even when you don’t believe you are. There are not secrets from the Universe: thoughts, intentions, actions, or conversations. Be clear, be explicit in your mind, your words, and your action because faith without work is dead. Oh and this is no time to be modest about your requests. The things you deserve for your life requires confidence, not modesty and certainly no doubts. The Universe wants you to be successful, but only when you decide you are truly ready. But before making any request, you must make room to receive. One cannot fill a cup which is already full. . .wise words, whomever said them.

We all need some R&R, and I’m not talking rest and relaxation, although we do need that, too. What I am referring to is “Release & Receive”. We need to release the old and under-serving in order to receive our deserved desires. Make a list of things you would like to release and another of the things you would like to receive. I also like to add give to my list, and this mostly consist of gratitude; give thanks. More often than not, I like to perform release rituals that involves prayer and meditation so that I can really focus my energy on the things that I need to release, and open myself to those that I want to receive.

Below are some categories to consider when making your list of things you want to release and receive.

  • Work/Career
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Health
    • Spiritual
    • Physical- Fitness
    • Psychological/Mental
    • Emotional
  • Creativity
  • Hobbies
  • Community
  • Passions
  • Purpose

When developing your list it is important not to discredit any of your desires based on your perceived limitations in achieving them. It is not up to you to determine what is possible or impossible, nor the details of the how and when. This goes without saying, but something is telling me I must say it anyway. Commit your list to pen and paper. Physically write your list by hand in ink; marker or pencil will work as well.

The very best advice that I can give when making your list is to. . .

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