And if you didn’t know there were rules, I’m telling you now, there are.

I’m not religious, which may sound strange because I attend church and I often quote the Bible but I do love Christmas. My reasons are mostly cultural.  I love the holiday decor, festivities, and most of all the gift giving. Yes, I am a gift giver.

So let us hop right into these rules shall we. These rules are for a general audience when you don’t know who might end up with your gift; like white elephant gifting.

Rule #1: No gifts under $10. Anything under ten dollars is a no, no.

Rule #2: You must SPLURGE. If you’re frugal, like me, this word is very much a foreign language. I know it’s not easy. But this is that one time in the spirit of giving that you just gotta stop being so cheap. That thing that you would usually go, “I’m not buying that overpriced mess.” BUY IT.

In choosing your gift, think luxury, unique, rare, pamper, and yes OVERPRICED.

Rule #3: No perfume and No jewelry. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. However, generally speaking, you probably don’t know the person/people well enough.

Rule #4: No “one size fits all” including robes, socks, slippers, gloves, hats, tights, etc. I don’t know how well these gifts go over with others but I’m a big girl. I realize that I may not look it but this is true. I’m 5’7 in height. I’m a size large to extra-large. I wear a size ten ring and shoe. Much of the one size fits all, beyond scarves, are a no go.

Rule #5: If you wouldn’t use it, wear it, drink it, eat it, or want it, more than likely, no one else would either.

Rule #6: Do your best to buy unisex. I know this part is not soooo easy but perhaps my list of ideas below will help.

Rule #7: Aim to wow or woo, either one is good. You don’t want your gift to be the reason they turn up their nose. Trust me, they will.

And this doesn’t have to necessarily be the main gift, just a little thoughtful addition you put into the gifting. A fancy gift bag is a good way to go. A lot of us do re-gift those; fancy body wash, add a poof; bottle of wine, add a small corkscrew. The photo above is one of a gift that I contributed to the company’s white elephant luncheon.

Without further ado here’s my list of recommended. . .





–> A bottle of wine and a wine glass or cork screw

–> Gourmet coffee/specialty tea with a mug

–> A bamboo or orchid plant or some other fancy or easy plant (may depend on where you live)

–> A really nice journal and pen

–> Character USB drive

–> Unique home decor: small salt lamp, African drum, framed wall quotes

–> Specialty body wash and exfoliating gloves or poof

–> Comfy blanket

–> Barnes and Nobles gift card

–> Compact durable utility flashlight

–> Led Light pen

I enjoyed writing this post. I hope you find it helpful.

What are some other good gift ideas or rules we could add to this list? Can’t wait to read all the wonderful ideas in the comments.


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