My theme for the year is, “You do NOT need permission.” I think we oftentimes look for things to validate our purpose; people, companies, position, professions, titles, awards, recognition. We look for signs and authorized personal to indicate to us that it safe to proceed into success. Yes, it feels good that others recognize our gifts and our passions but this is not necessary to fulfill our purpose or to achieve success. You do not need permission to walk in your purpose!

The video I’ve posted below is a bit of a rant about a former workplace, but it also contain an important message. Sometimes you run into people who attempt to exercise control over your success in a “You can’t go unless I say you can,” sort of manner; essentially policing other people’s success.  These individuals happen to be in what they see as a position of power. Many of them fail to realize that their “position of power” is absolutely relative, which is what I’ve come to realize.

Success policing is essentially the creation of illusionary barriers (created by individuals and organizations in positions of influence or power) of entry to opportunities that would ultimately lead to success.

Success policing happens in three distinct phases. In phase one, they attempt to tell you you’re not ready, you don’t have enough experience, enough education, enough skills, or enough money also known as illusionary barriers. Phase one is where they make their money, when you give up willingly.

Once you decide to push forward without their consent, it moves into phase two. They attempt to undermine you by eroding your self confidence and crippling your ambition. This is the phase where they play up your insecurities, when you give up by coercion.

When that fails, it goes into phase three. They attack your work ethic, your character, and your credibility. This is where they use their position of power, when you give up because you feel you were forced.

Many people won’t make it to the second and third phases of success policing because they’ll decide at phase one, “The success police are right, I don’t have enough **INSERT ILLUSIONARY BARRIER**.

Trust me when I say there are NO barriers to success. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. advanced through all three phases. He saw that there were no limitations except the ones he placed on himself and he was shot dead for that. YOU DO NOT NEED PERMISSION.


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