Trimmed in Goals is a record of my journey on how I am using goals to shape, guide, and transform my life, the lessons that I’ve learned, and the progress I’ve made. It is my hope that you reading will find the resources to establish and accomplish your own goals, encouragement to embark on new journeys, and the strength to let go of the things that no longer serve your purpose.

You’ll also find various other post that paint a more vivid picture of the why’s, the how’s, and the behind the scenes of my journey to accomplishing the goals I have set. It gives a complete view of the pieces that constitute the woman that I am.

7 Reasons Why I Started This Blog and the general type of post you’ll find here.

  • Goal Sharing with my Five Goals in 5 years plan + more
  • Social Accountability
    • I have a not so great habit of flaking out on my goals because I lack patience on a scale of longevity. This blog is holding me accountable.
  • Consumer Education/Responsibility/Advocacy (ConsumerERA)
  • My Loc Journey
  • Life Style Blogging + more
    • Thrift Finds & Fashion,
    • Stories of Experience and Inspiration,
    • Discovering Houston
  • Glamify & Glorify Single Parenthood
  • Personal Branding through Self Expression