Look at these two words:



What do you notice about them?

Yes, they are the same words only the “C” has been moved. When you “C” things correctly, you become Creative rather than Reactive.

I didn’t come up with this. I received this message from the book I am currently reading, Conversations with God: an uncommon dialogue, book 2. I discovered book 1 last year by divine purpose. It arrived right on time into my life shortly after arriving here in Houston, a place I came to live purely by creation.

As I have been working so diligently to create my life around my truth, this message also arrived with precision timing. My entire aura lit up when I read it. I know my truth,  however I struggle with living in that truth. For the very first time in my life, I know what I want, I know who and what I want to be, I know where I want to be with clear certainty. Every moment that I think about it my heart flutters. Yeah, that feeling.

Lately, I have had such a desire to be the truth that I am. Yet, I still find myself afraid. Even that is revealed to me as I read the pages of this book, and I am in total awe of the way it holds the answers to the questions I haven’t asked, yet plague me constantly. Sometimes I didn’t even know how to ask what I was feeling, and the book revealed this as well. I am a bit excited to be reading it.

In the past, I had invested too much time lying, hiding, denying, altogether ignoring, and quite literally running away from my feelings. I mean I can actually recall each time I physically took action against what I felt simply as a reaction to a similar past experience. I can do this because, although it may have been okay in the deciding moment and perhaps sometime after, the residual affects were just not that awesome (understatement of the century). One such situation is described in my Mistress in Shining Armor post.

Things don’t end well and regret settled in. Not to mention, in truth, I was never happy with the decision to begin with; I only thought I was protecting myself. You know that little voice that tells you, “It’s for your own good, ” but you know that really it’s not. And if you’re honest with yourself, you know you reacted purely from a place of fear.

Not long ago, I began to recognize that my feelings are the voice of my truth and to ignore them is detrimental to my overall beingness: mind, body, and spirit. And with that, I have since discarded regret and rely souly on creativity to navigate my life. Unlearning to react (based on previous experiences) is no small feat. I relapse often but I’ve noticed my recovery time is getting shorter and shorter. Now I know how it feels when smokers decide to quit. Nevertheless, I am a huge fan of progress.

In now knowing what I desire, the next step I am taking is to Be that which I Am or that which I seek. And in order to create my life within my truth, I create statements of being. Creating statements of being goes exactly like this: Being _____ is a statement of who I Am. Then I simply fill in the blank with what ever it is I want to be, without limitations. Example,”Being healthy is a statement of who I am.”

You can do this as well. Remember that you must know it is what you are without a doubt in your soul. I am is the most powerful statement of all. 😉

Remember to be Creative instead of Reactive. Use statements of being to attract the things you desire and talk about them often. Words are powerful. Finally, read Conversations with God. It is profoundly eye opening.