Happy New Year everyone!

Are you feeling creative, enthusiastic, motivated? Like this is a year for new beginnings for your career, your creativity, personal endeavors, and especially your romantic life like no other. Are you feeling like this is YOUR year? And I know you’ve probably said that for years before, but for the very first time, what you feel is actually true.

2017 is a Universal Year One. The number one is a resonant vibration of new beginnings. I feel an abundance of positive spiritual energy in this year. Of course this varies according to your personal year number which you can learn more about by revisiting my post about Your Personal Year Number however, we are all currently in a Universal year one right now (2+0+1+7=10 which breaks down to 1+0=1).

This year has the most potential of all others in the cycle. Why is that you ask? Because this is the year to plant new seeds, crop that can determine the trajectory of your life over the next 9 year cycle (through 2025).

Here are a few recommendations to help you navigate new opportunities for this Universal year One:

Put yourself first:

Whenever you’re faced with any kind of decision that requires a bit of reflection, ask yourself, “Who AM I doing this for?” If it’s not for You, think again. This is not the equivalent of selfishness. Remember, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Guilt is a pointless emotion and the betrayal of one’s self in favor of others is the highest betrayal of all.

Your purpose is creation:

Creation is the purpose of your soul and thus your decision to come into this life. Your soul’s purpose is to create the experiences you desire. Twenty Seventeen is the ideal year to set those creative ideas into motion. To make sure those things are constantly in sync, repeat this 2017 affirmation as often as the thought crosses your mind, “I am conscious of my soul’s purpose.

Unlike the way that society is constantly telling us we must, you do not have to figure out what that is; You already know. Your soul is in a constant state of awareness when it comes to its purpose. Trust in this Knowingness and bring it to consciousness.

2017 Stone:

Garnet was once thought to be a single mineral when in fact it is a group of minerals coming together to form a single beautiful stone symbolic of unity and so perfect for a year one in the universal cycle. Garnet holds the property of creativity and connected-ness (more specifically, sexuality) as they are able to bring certain relationships to a higher, more spiritual level. Garnet, in its most common color red, is linked to passion and manifesting one’s desires.

One of garnet’s best known attributes is its role in creating success in business. Garnet attracts prosperity and abundance to help turn your dreams into reality and open up a variety of new opportunities. I encourage you to carry one with you where ever you go.
I am conscious of my soul’s purpose.

Be aware:

As you come into the number one, first, or top position in various areas of your life you may be faced with arrogance and the desire to separate yourself due to the perception of being better than others. Be aware of these low energy attributes that are significant to the year one and leads you astray from the true path of UNIty. Be ever vigilant of the infallible “I” of the ego and remain true to the “eye” of the soul.

The entire theme of this year is the #1, so it will be filled with new and exciting firsts. Brace yourself!

Life is what you make it. Make it great.