Over the last past couple of days the kids and I have had quite the weekend adventure. Visiting Trader’s Village was not the only thing we did, however it was such an awesome way to top off our weekend. Especially because I live for events like these, and from the looks of the event so does a lot of other people.

As a single parent in a new place, I don’t get to do a whole lot outside of home with my children. I also have to be very careful about the events that I do choose which means they have to be events where I have help with keeping up with them, or events that are so awesome I’m willing to deal with the hassle of constantly having to round them up. We had the pleasure of participating in two such events this weekend. Although things were quite hectic (huge understatement), we truly enjoyed a memorable weekend which begin in. . .

West Houston Medical Center for my daughter’s sleep study. She’s been having some complications sleeping since she was about four due to perennial allergies. She’d out grown many of her ailments: swollen tonsils, chronic ear infections, and the like, but she was still snoring and sometimes severely. Last Friday, said complications landed us in a short notice hospital sleep over filled with fruit juice, kisses (the chocolate ones), bedtime stories, and lots of monitoring wires.

One would probably not think of this as fun, but it was, being that it took us out of our usual bed time element. The nurse found our little family quite funny. The bedtime book of the evening was the Fisher Price book We Are All Different by Kirsten Hall. One other neat thing about the stay is the nurse told us as we were leaving that the guy, who was also participating in a sleep study next door, had the same birthday as my daughter.

Gospel Lakes Ranch

Our next adventure took us on a road trip with our Ebenezer family all the way up to New Waverly, Texas to the Gospel Lakes Ranch. My sonshine’s first school bus ride! He was super excited. More about the bus ride than the actual ranch, but that was ok. We made the most of it. Joi (my daughter) was in a different group than we were. I wanted to give her the opportunity to try on her independent legs. She had an awesome time even away from mommy. We crossed paths a couple of times during the trip.

Gospel Lakes Ranch was really nice; the staff was friendly; it was well organized and lots to do. They had a little zip line for the kids, hay bale ride, fishing, sand crafts, horseback riding, and face painting. My son was cranky the entire trip. He didn’t want to do much, but he really enjoyed the slide. Of all the things we did, that was the only one he loudly proclaimed, “Mommy that was fun.” That is certainly all I needed to hear.



Trader’s Village Native American Fall Festival

Last but not least, best event of the entire weekend goes to *drum roll please* Trader’s Village Native American Championship Pow-Wow Festival. I learned about this event from my friend and fellow blogger Bree. Be sure to visit her at Unodoli Adventures. Unfortunately, she was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts. From the looks of their website (Trader’s Village Upcoming Events) there will be plenty of other great events for us to attend.

I love, love, love all things traditionally Native American. I have albums of traditional Native American flute and drum music that I enjoy listening to at work mostly (great escape). I love dream catchers; the design and symbolism. I have a small collection that includes one I made myself. At the festival, there were wooden and beaded crafts. I love, love, love unique and handcrafted items. Like I mentioned, I live for events like these as I am quite the eclectic. I didn’t get to take a lot of photos because I had an arm filled with goodies on one side and a hand filled with 3 year old constantly trying to wander away on the other. I lost that boy like three times but I didn’t panic. . .much. We did get some awesome souvenirs though. We had an amazing time. Even the kids said so. . .


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