As the new year approaches, I can’t help but grow anxious about what 2016 has in store for me. I am doing all that I can to welcome all that is new about the new year: new opportunities,  new adventures, new relationships, and new experiences.

Twenty sixteen is a number 9 personal year for me. In numerology,  a number nine personal year signifies a period to put a close to many areas of life, to free yourself of unneeded baggage for easier progress according to Affinity It gives more details, but even that sound about right to me. Although there are other areas of my life I’d like to work on, this seems like a pretty good starting point.

You can calculate your personal year number by adding the numbers in your birth date plus the numbers in the current year.  Like so.  .  .

personal year number 9


Reviewing my personal year is one way I prepare for the new year by laying out what’s on my plate. The number nine personal year is about finishing up things you’ve started and tying up loose ends. With that information, I could certainly develop a list of things I could focus on to fulfill the goals of my personal year. The things that are pointed out in any personal year number is applicable to anyone’s life, in fact it’s applicable to everyone’s life just in their own personal year.

I start by copying the high lighted points of my personal year and then deciding which areas, relationships, projects, etc. those respective high lights might apply. Using myself as an example, below are a few of the high lights for the personal year number 9 and how they are applicable to my life and my goals for the new year.

Completion and/or fulfillment of some of your dreams– My goal of home ownership (Home Ownership on the Horizon)

Betterment of humankind or society– before reading about my personal year number, I was (am) thinking of joining an inmate assistance initiative

Put a close to many areas of life, to free yourself of unneeded baggage– Because there are several areas I can think of for this particular high light

Gratefulness is important– Ironically, this is the first year I’ve thought to change the way I journal to “gratitude journaling”

There are others that apply as well, but I’m just giving an example here. This could be pure coincidence, but I don’t believe in coincidences; I believe in confirmation. You think it’s a random idea to start some inmate assistance initiative, or change your style of journaling; the Universe confirms, it is not.

Now whether you believe in this sort of thing is absolutely irrelevant. Beyond the fact that it’s very interesting information, it’s always comforting to be able to put things into perspective, especially our unforeseeable future. Personal year numbers kind of give you insight into the upcoming year and suggestions on how to prepare.

Here are some other personal year number resources you might find helpful.

I love the site below for its explanation of angel numbers as well.

This is part one of a three part post so stay tuned for the others as we approach the new year. Don’t miss the Second and third part

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